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In this website you will find letters, news and other documents relating to artists, collectors, antiquaries, patrons and others involved in the art market. There are some isolated cases in which you will see the copy of the original document, but usually one can obtain a transcription of the original. In general, there are useful documents for research, and for that reason we give you the file reference of the original on which it is available at public or private libraries and archives if you want to see the original. The great advantage of this website is that you will not have to look for these documents, and you will not waste time when libraries and archives are closed.

Choose, by name or keyword, the person or the theme that interests you. Then click on the document. All documents are listed by a reference that includes the year and an abstract which will enable you to confirm that the transcription of the document chosen is what you expected.

See the example which shows you what this service offers you and  how to acquire the document selected.