Letter from Smith to Rocamora, 14/12/1938


Abstract: Letter wrote by Ismael Smith to Manuel Rocamora, dated 14/12/1938, in which talked about their common friends from Barcelona, Horta and Cerdanyola. He sent to him some food aids through the Opera theatre and Isaac SCHMOLL FILLS in Paris. He also wrote to him about other friends in New York as Weisberger brothers and their activities there. He said that Andreu had a painting exhibition in New York and the Néstor died.

Resumen: Ismael Smith escribe a Manuel Rocamora recordando viejos amigos de Barcelona, Horta y Cerdanyola. Le envía algunos alimentos a través de la Opera y de la casa Isaac SCHMOLL FILLS de Parí­s. También le escribe sobre unos amigos que están en Nueva York y sus actividades, como los hermanos Weisberger. Anotado al margen le comunica que Andreu expone pintura en Nueva York y que Néstor murió.

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