Catalogue Stage Design in Great Britain since 1945, London 1961


Abstract: This is a photocopy of the list of artworks by different artists which are listed in the catalogue titled Stage Design in Great Britain since 1945. This exhibition was organized by The Arts Council in London in 1961, in which there were costumes and sceneries from the Great Britain theatres.

Resumen: Es una fotocopia de la lista de las obras de arte de diferentes artistas relacionadas en el catálogo titulado Stage Design in Great Britain since 1945. Esta exposición fue organizada por The Arts Council en 1961 en Londres, en la que se expuso vestuario y escenografías procedentes de diversos teatros en Gran Bretaña.

Access to the copy of the original document D1961-13-ADMA-cat

List of Stage designers who participated in the exhibition (Relación de diseñadores teatrales que participaron en la exposición):

Mariano Andreu; Gabriel White; James Laver; Norman  Adams; Michael Ayrton; James  Bailey; Cecil Beaton; David de Bethel; Joan de Bethel; Henry Bird; Edward Burra; Hugh Casson; William Chappell; John Craxton; Frederick Crooke; Audrey Cruddas; Brian Currah; Joan Jefferson Farjeon; Sophie Fedorovitch; Roger Furse; Nicholas Georgiadis; Peter Goffin; Andree Howard; Leslie Hurry; Felix Kelly; Isabel Lambert; Osbert Lancaster; Oliver Messell; Tanya Moiseiwitch; Riette Sturge Moore; Lila de Nobili; Isamu Nogughi; Signey Nolan; Reece Pemberton; John Piper; Peter Rice; Patrick Robertson; Osborne Robinson; Leonard Rosoman; Kenneth Rowell; Loudon  Sainthill; Hutchinson Scott; Ronald Searle; Peter Snow; Yolanda Sonnabend; Hugh  Stevenson; Alix Stone; George Wakhewitch; Michael Warre; Reginald Wolley, and Franco Zeffirelli.

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